The group was born in the late of 1998 by the hands of Lord Impaler (guitarist) and Lord Goat (vox) from the passion for traditional black metal no-compromises. The sound took as landmarks Darkthrone and the first Impaled Nazarene. During late 1998 started the composition of five songs and the preparation of an Impaled Nazarene’s cover (“The Horny And The Horned” Ugra Karma album 1993); some months later I.n.r.i. Iscariota (session keyboards) joined the line-up and then it was complete with Terragon (bass) and Fuckthenuns (drums). The beginning of the recording sessions took place in the summer of 1999. About the quality of the recording of “Promo 999” we have to consider some technical problems but that’s attribuitable to the choice for the direct-line recording and to the artistic manner of Infernal Goat, according with an ultra-raw attitude. The band continued working on more refined in arrangements and powerful musics but always faithful to the black evil metal laws: in 2000 they printed their first demo tape titled “The Longest Day Of Pain” containing four tracks of raw and extreme music. This demo initially was spreaded on cd-r version, which was rigorously self-produced. After this one, Infernal Goat published a new promo called “Bestial Passion” in collaboration with Salem 1692 Productions label. This new tape included two new pieces (“Bestial Passion” & “Revenge Of Legions”) and three bonus tracks stolen from previous tapes. Black metal art and more in general sonic art can be defined in different ways; Infernal Goat prefer to remark two aspects: speed and violence. They always used to listen such bands like Enthroned, Beherit, Marduk, Sarcofago, Sodom, Maniac Butcher and other of that kind.
In 2003 the black horde unleashed another fist in the face of humanity: a new mini-cd-ep called “We Like The Goat ... And The Goat Like Us” out for Black Vomit Prod. Six tracks to thrash and fight with the devil again. After this release Terragon left the band. Some recordings of the bass line were already played by Impaler. After some problems due to Impaler's flamed arm the band had to stop his activity for a while.

Motortank Infernal Goat re-started his activity in 2006 when the decision to prepare other explosive attacks was on the way. Dream for them was to record and print stuff for a vynil release, so they kept on working and gave birth to new tracks like: “Extended Black Infamity” and “Motorpanzers”. First idea was to make a 7'' with only two tracks but the final decision with Blasphemythong from Necromancer Records went for a new four-tracks. After this release also Fuckthenuns left the squadron. Time passed by years but the aim to make destructive music was always in the Goat/Impaler Duo mentality. So they recruited new elements for the next step to armageddon: Von on bass and Valkar at the skins of drums. A new set of iron was born: violent attacks like “Thermonuclear War Division”, “Bestial Conqueror's Attack”, “Storming General Massacre” and others resound the fusion of elements which remind teutonic bastard thrash and uncontrolled rotten black metal. This line-up worked in a short while; they just got the occasion to make one live appearance and one complete promo-track (a pre-set of ‘’Bestial Conqueror’s Attack’’, which was supposed to be published and edited in league with other warmetal hordes). Duties and requirements of an assaultbattery don’t permit pauses and stops. So infernal Impaler had to recruit another monomaniac for the drum-set. It was the turn of Alex ‘Mannaia’. He was the last assaulter on battleskins. Another live-assault was done in their city during 2011 and all the drum-tracks were closed for the upcoming full-length album ‘Infernal Goat’. During 2012 the Infernal AssaultBattery took the shootings and worked on the full-length album which would be launched in 2013 by the alloy of brazilian labels Sociedade Dos Mortos, Sacrum Vermem and Impaled Records. After this opus the band was in the glare to prepare another chapter of the discography. Then the soldiery was summoned to partecipate the 'Magma Pure Underground Festival' (Molise / Italia) by Portavoce Del Male with others italian maniacs ready to gather the 29th August 2015. After this marvellous and valuable experience the band incorporated another guitar-machinegunner on second line-fire: Daniel (previously enlisted even in Unholy Impaler pagan circle). In June 2016 Impaler flew to Venice to re-organize the squadron. Last solid goat soldier accepting to embrace the task of bass artillery is Xaphan Unholy. The team proceeds quite compact working on the 2nd full-length album to come. During the developement of fiery year 2017 Impaler summons the ultimate goatdestroyer on the division: Deathmarch (from Deathcrush) accepts the role as assaulter for drum-tracks. In June 2018 the team completes the recording of all definitive hares made as foundation of new upcoming full-length album: 'Goatmetal'. Between 2018 and 2019 Deathmarch provides some of the drum-tracks necessary for the realization of the new album. Impaler, Daniel and Lord Goat enter the Red Warlock Studio from 20th of March 2019 to day 24th to record a large part of the completion. The assembly panel is closed during October 2019 When Impaler And Xaphan Unholy fly down to Sardinia to close the deadly armed charges. Mixing process of the new album is done during the months of November And December but finishes in Early January 2020. Stay Tuned! Weapons Are Still Ringing!

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